Nina Greggory, portrayed by Blake Lively, is the mother of Alison Greggory. Nina is involved with many guys other than Alison's dad, Marco Greggory. Although Gus, another accidental baby, is the last straw for Nina. She insists to Marco that they need to get Alison away from their toxic affairs. So, they ship her off to Grand Academy. For free, thanks to Gus's mom, Quinn. Then after Alison is gone, Nina sits her husband down, and tells him they need to stop. That they're teaching Alison that affairs, and unexpected pregnancies are what love is. Marco agrees to stop having affairs if Nina does. They come to an agreement, and then begin their discussion about Gus. After deciding to give up yet another baby, they get an unexpected call that will change their lives forever. Nina's especially. Marco and Nina find themselves, and fall in love again, through the death of Nina's mother.