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Grand academy

Show starts off in San Francisco, California. After a new affair dissolves in Marco Greggory's life, he and his wife, Nina, have to make a tough decision. They can have their daughter, Alison, around while they figure things out with yet another accidental baby. Or...they can send her off to continue her schooling at Grand Academy. In the end they decide to pack Alison's bags, and jet her off on a private plane. When she arrives Alison soon learns what real love is. Will Alison realize her parents need help, or will someone else, a boy perhaps, have to step in? Find out in the all new hit show, Grand Academy.

Characters Edit

Olivia holt
Alison Greggory
Blake lively
Nina Greggory
Skylar astin
Marco Greggory
Jeremy sumpter
Vincent Jacks
Alexander jillings
Gus Greggory
Kira kosarin
Jess King
Jake t austin 3
Nelson King
Skylar astin
Dove cameron
Quinn Lyson
Jeremy sumpter
Jeremy sumpter
Jeremy sumpter

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